PALs - Peer Assistance and Leadership


TMHS PALS students visit the primary campus every Tuesday.  High School PALs are partnered with students in grades Kinder - 2nd and mentor these students throughout the year.  PAL students are nominated by their teachers and are chosen via a panel of teachers through an interview process. 

The mission of the PAL program is to enable young people to use their potential to make a difference in their lives, schools and communities.

PAL students learn to adapt the power of peer pressure to influence others positively and, ultimately, they make a difference in the lives of others! Positive peer influence is utilized as a central strategy for addressing issues like bullying, low achievement, at-risk youth, drop-out prevention, substance abuse prevention, teen pregnancy, suicide, absenteeism, behavior problems, and other community issues.

Not only does PALs address a variety of key youth issues, being a PAL is also fun and transformational!

Mrs. Lamar Cardenas
PAL Sponsor