Probation, Dismissal and Withdrawal

Tuloso Midway High School Chapter
National Honor Society
Probation Status, Dismissal and Withdrawal

According to the Official NHS Constitution provided to each district chapter, the Faculty Council, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the National Honor Society, shall determine the procedure for probation and withdrawal/transfer of membership in good standing.
The follow procedure has been agreed upon by the Faculty Council for placement of membership to probationary status and withdrawal from TMHS Chapter.

Probationary Status:
Once selected, members are expected to maintain the high standards of the National Honor Society. All members pledge to do so publicly, during the induction ceremony. The Faculty Council and the Administration will monitor student commitment to the standards of the National Honor Society. Members who fail to maintain the standards in any of the categories on which their eligibility was based will be placed on probationary status by the Chapter Advisor until further review. Such members will also be given a letter explaining the cause of their probationary status and the time of their next review. All members on probationary status will not be allowed to participate as a member of the National Honor Society in any activities sponsored or supported by the National Honor Society, nor will they be recognized as a member of the National Honor Society until their status has been restored.

Any member placed on probationary status and does not fulfill the requirements set forth by the faculty council will be permanently dismissed from the TMHS Chapter of National Honor Society. Members may appeal to the faculty council in writing to request a formal hearing concerning their dismissal as outlined in “Appeal” appendix.

Transfer of Chapter Status:
Students who have an NHS membership from another school district charter and who move in or are approved for a transfer into the district from another district may request a transfer of chapter status. A letter from the previous NHS chapter advisor must be provided to prove that the student was a member of good standing at the time of withdrawal.

TMHS National Honor Society members who withdraw from our school may request a letter of good standing to take to their new school district. Requests must be in writing. Students withdrawn from Tuloso Midway High School are withdrawn from the TMHS Chapter of National Honor Society so that they may then become members in another chapter.