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Cost:  $99 per 3-hour course
Same low price, whether you live in Del Mar College's district or not. TMISD provides textbooks to students at no cost; some courses such as College Algebra may have online access fees which are the student's responsibility. 



OnRamps offers dual enrollment courses designed by the University of Texas at Austin faculty for high school students to engage in authentic college experiences and for their teachers to deepen their content knowledge and impact in the classroom.

Together with the University of Texas, we create dynamic experiences that advance student success while lowering barriers to access and opportunity.

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Courses offered at TMHS
Thriving in our Digital World - Course description
Rhetoric and Writing - Course description
United States History - Course description


Cost per Course:
Regular Student: $149.00-$50.00 (supplement from TMISD) = $99.00
Free & Reduced Student: $99.00-$50.00 (supplement from TMISD) = $49.00


*Note: If the student fails, drops, or does not accept college credit for the courses above, the student is responsible for payment of the $50.00 supplement for each course to Tuloso Midway High School. The student must pass and receive UT college credit for each course in order to be entitled for this supplement.